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'I wished for this win, not beating cancer.'

BY Bruce Clark - @snowyclark
2 years ago Melbourne Cup

Ken & Rob Hickmott (4th, 5th from left) + family. (Pic: Sharon Chapman)

There was a get together in Melbourne on Melbourne Cup eve to “celebrate” the birthday of Ken Hickmott.

Ken is the elder brother of now dual Melbourne Cup-winning trainer Rob, the very much low profile part of Almandin’s first Tuesday glory, not that he would have it any other way. Rob wasn’t even at the post-race press conference, he was back with his horses.

But his brother Ken, 53, has terminal cancer and was no chance of not being there for another Hickmott Cup.

“My birthday was a couple of weeks ago but we all wanted to get together for the Cup,” said Ken, the only member of the Hickmotts not to be a trainer like his father John and youngest brother Michael.

Ken was a DJ and thought late nights and early mornings wouldn’t mix.

“I’ve got cancer and last night when we had the party I got to make a wish and I wished for this (win) for Rob, not for the other (beating cancer),” Ken Hickmott said.

“I wouldn’t have missed this for all the tea in China, it’s just amazing, I can’t believe it. I go back to Peter Mac (Maccallum) on Thursday to find out more about how I am travelling but I am not worrying about that now.

“Rob begged me to come down the year Green Moon won, but I live up the bush, I don’t like city life much but to be here today with Rob and the family means everything."

Rob Hickmott, who has been with Lloyd W...


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