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McEvoy provides son's show and tell

BY Adrian Dunn - @adriandunn2
2 years ago Melbourne Cup

Kerrin McEvoy. (Pic: Getty)

Jake McEvoy, the six-year-old son of Cathy and Kerrin McEvoy, asked his mother the other day if it was likely that any other fathers in his school class would be riding in the Melbourne Cup.

Not only did Kerrin McEvoy have the other dads covered in that regard, but also none of them could boast winning a Melbourne Cup. 

And, for the second time.

McEvoy, who turned 36 last week, recalled the anecdote as he savoured his Cup victory on the Lloyd Williams-owned Almandin.

He said his three sons – Charlie (eight), Jake (six) and Reece (three) – knew the Melbourne Cup was on. “I could see the excitement in their faces,” McEvoy said.

The excitement on the boys' faces were more than matched by the ear-splitting smile on the face of the jockey known as K-Mac.

After winning his first Melbourne Cup on the Mike Moroney-trained Brew in 2000, McEvoy has run second on Crime Scene behind the Mark Kavanagh-trained Shocking in 2009 and finished third on Beekeeper in 2002, the year Media Puzzle won. 

“It is a euphoric feeling to do it again,” McEvoy said. “The race has evolved even from the time when I won it with Brew in 2000.

“It’s really hard to explain that euphoric feeling. The excitement goes to a new level and that’s what the Melbourne Cup brings out in people.”

While to the untrained eye Almandin always appeared the winner from the top o...


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