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BY Adrian Dunn - @adriandunn2
3 years ago Melbourne Cup

Red Cadeaux injured a fetlock in the Melbourne Cup. (Photo: Asanka Brendon Ratnayake/Getty Images)

THE people’s favourite, Red Cadeaux, suffered a fracture to the medial sesamoid in his left fore fetlock during his fifth bid to win a Melbourne Cup.

Veterinary surgeons at the University of Melbourne equine clinic at Werribee said, some hours after the race, that Red Cadeaux is “comfortable” with his leg in a splint and fracture stablised.

Dr Chris Whitton from the University of Melbourne equine clinic said the injury is “not currently life-threatening”, but he added the horse would not race again.

Dr Whitton said a plan is being formulated to repair the injury in consultation with other veterinarians from overseas. He said the horse would not undergo surgery tonight as several options were still being canvassed.

Trainer Ed Dunlop said every measure would be undertaken to ensure the horse could make a full recovery. A relieved Dunlop told ABC news that he feared the worst when he saw Red Cadeaux at the 100 metre mark.

 “When I was on the grass at the 100m mark I thought I wouldn’t see him alive again. So he’s alive and well,” Dunlop said. "When we drove here (to Werribee) I wasn't expecting as encouraging news with that injury.

"He's eating grass ... and he looks happy, he has fluids. It's a bad injury, but it should be repairable.

"We've discussed three or four times we were going to retire him and we haven't retired him. All seemed very well with him but unfor...


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