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BY Adrian Dunn - @adriandunn2
3 years ago G1X Opinion

Luke Nolen's return to the saddle is still a while away. Picture: Vince Caligiuri/Getty Images.

IN REHAB: While his old mate Peter Gordon Moody is under fire, Luke Nolen has also been in the wars.

Nolen, a dual Scobie Breasley medalist who has been stable jockey for Moody now for a decade, is recovering oh, so slowly from a back operation that is likely to keep him away from riding until early next year.

He viewed as “frustratingly small steps” the first 25-days post discectomy surgery, which included the shaving of some bone from the vertebra.

“I can’t drive and I can’t sit on my tail too long either. I’m allowed to walk around for up to an hour an day,” Nolen said.

“I’m mobile, but I just get a little sciatic pain down my left side. I’m not sure if that has to do with some inflammation around the disc.”

Nolen said the injury was probably as a result of long hours in cars and riding horses. He said there are three ways to treat the problem: complete rest for an undetermined amount of time, a course of injections and the course he was forced to undertake, surgery.

So, how excruciating was the pain before the operation? “It was pretty ordinary,” he said. “Once you stretched into position you were okay, but every time you moved it was like a really sharp pain.

“It was acute in my hip and down my back of my leg. I had two injections into my spine to help it, but neither did.”

Surgeons told Nolen it would be 12-weeks...


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