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Is There Evidence Of A Compromised Cup?

8 months ago Horse Racing

Doubts remain over the purity of the 2015 Melbourne Cup.

The ongoing Aquanita Inquiry and surrounding saga relating to doping in thoroughbred racing has prompted skepticism over the cleanness of the 2015 Cup.

Racing Victoria chief executive Giles Thompson addressed the possibility of a compromised contest when speaking to Gerard Whateley about the Aquanita controversy which has found trainers Robert Smerdon, Tony Vasil and Stuart Webb, among others, guilty of 271 charges relating to the treatment of horses on race day.

“There have been some references to Melbourne Cup meetings in the texts,” Thompson said on SEN’s Whateley.

“What there isn’t, is direct evidence to confirm that a particular horse was treated in any way in any of those meetings.

“The suggestions around it are inference from those texts.

“We have to deal with evidence. We don’t have the luxury of inference.

“At the moment with the evidence we have there’s nothing to suggest that a particular horse was t...


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