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Is this the biggest 3yo in Australia?

BY Mick Sharkie - @TheSharkTweet
1 year ago Horse Racing

Giant filly Polisher and Ryan Hinton who stands at 5'10" (Pic: G1X)

When trainer Mitch Beer got a call from some friends to tell him that they had just bought him a yearling to train, he was naturally overjoyed. 

He was just weeks into his training career and any new recruit, let alone one from the first crop of Caulfield Guineas winner Helmet, was big news for his Mornington stable.

But little did he know just how big the daughter of Helmet and the Hussonet mare Russky Hustler, now cheekily named Polisher, was going to be.

She might just be the biggest filly in Australia.

"When she walked off the truck at my place I thought they had stitched me up," said Beer.

"There was no way that she was a pure thoroughbred, there had to be some Clydesdale in there, seriously she wasn't normal."

A quick call to the buyers, Inglis staff members Bonnie Connellan and Adrianne Sarkozy, confirmed that this was indeed the "big filly" they'd paid $10,000 for at the Inglis Scone Select yearling sale.

"Big? She's a giant!" Beer told his new owners.

"She was enormous, I mean properly enormous. I didn't have a head collar big enough so I had to punch a new hole in the biggest one I could find just to lead her inside."

Now the proud trainer of a gargantuan freak show, Beer remembered the words of champion trainer David Hayes that were delivered in passing at Flemington track work years earlier.

"I was leading this big gangly thin...


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