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“I’ve dreamed about this for nine months"

BY Matt Kelly - @matty_kel
1 year ago Horse Racing

Kate Nipperess with her physiotherapists (Pic: Supplied)

Never tell me never.

It’s the uplifting tale of Janine Shepherd, a lover of life and sports, who had a terrible accident, was told she’d never walk again, but defied the odds.

Through determination and belief, she overcame her injuries, and not only walked again, but found her way onto the back of a horse.

Too few stories provide that kind of inspiration, but Kate Nipperess’ does.

On Thursday, Nipperess walked from Mount Wilga private hospital in Sydney, less than nine months after suffering a serious spinal cord injury.

In leaving hospital, she took no more than 20 steps. Steps so minimal in distance, yet so powerful in force.

“I’ve dreamed about this for nine months and I can’t believe that it’s actually happened,” Nipperess told  

“It was pretty surreal.

“It feels fantastic going home, knowing that I’m not going to spend a night sitting in that hospital bed by myself again.”



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