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Minimum-bet policy a big win for punters

BY Mark Haywood - @hayw0od
3 years ago Horse Racing

The bookies' ring. (Pic: Getty Images)

For Sydney punter Richard Irvine, it came down to one simple question: “If you can’t win, why do we have gambling?

“That was the question that I wanted to get answered three years ago,“ Irvine said.

Irvine was one of a growing number who’d been banned from punting by a number of bookmakers. 

It had become a familiar refrain in punting circles: They’ll take your money when you’re losing, but not when you’re winning.

Except Irvine decided to do something about it.

He started Fair Wagering Australia, a website that makes noise about dubious practices within the bookmaking industry – primarily the banning of punters who have a win, and therefore don’t prove profitable enough.

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The increased visibility of corporate bookmakers and the subsequent backlash against all-pervasive gambling advertising a few years back proved a defining time.

“It started around that time,” says Irvine. “I just tho...


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