WIN: $10K of Prizes in the Punters Club Cup

4 months ago Bookmaker Reviews

Create a Punters club with your mates and WIN!


Punt Clubs have been around forever, but as we all know they’ve just been bloody hard to run. makes setting up and running a Punt Club, or Punters Club, dead easy.

The process is pretty simple.

  1. Start a Club
  2. Invite your friends
  3. Start betting

With most Punt Clubs the rules can vary a little from club to club, but by and large they generally follow a similar pattern. Someone starts the club (the Captain), invites their friends to join, and sets up either a bank account or bookie account, and everyone chips in a fixed amount every week. Club members then take turns, nominally one member at a time, betting on behalf of the club each week.

The amount bet can either be all of the money collected for that week, or a percentage where the remainder is ‘banked’ as part of a savings plan towards a trip, event or buying into a horse (or even just for splitting up the proceeds at the end – not very social and a little boring though!).

Winning punters usually get another week in the limelight, while a loser find their way …


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