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The Greyhound Guru: Thursday 14th November

BY Greyhound Guru
3 months ago Greyhounds

Go Go Go!!!!

The Greyhound Guru: 09.11.19

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Good afternoon punters!
The gurus confidence is up so lets GO GO GO.
We kick off early today with a nice bet in the arvo meeting at Maitland.

Maitland Race 2 no 7 Zipping Vernon.

Steps up the 450m this arvo and i think they have got this wrong currently betting $3.7 that’s overs. The danger is the 2 that will be hard to beat but has to contend with the 1 running up the track and 2 begins slow im hoping not to slow or will miss the 1 – come on 1 do your job get the 2 deck it. The 7 will begin not great but has great burn and can defo put a gap on the 1. $2.6 to $2.7 is the correct odds i doubt that they wont find the 7.


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